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Let's Make

History Together

Green Leaves

Imagine If...

a tree were planted for each pair of socks or underwear that you have ever discarded. 

Even a teenager would be responsible for forests and forests of trees just by remaining clothed.

As industries across the globe race to adopt greener more ecologically minded business practices, new technologies are emerging. Production refinements, updated methods of textile salvaging, as well as the introduction of new fabrics are creating shockwaves throughout our world.

Beyond these advancements, the ability to coordinate precise carbon offsetting of our consumption habits has never been more accessible, nor has it ever made more sense. This sprint to a greener tomorrow is creating unique and innovative ways that we can negate the carbon footprint of our individual lifestyles.


At Saye Socks, we’re dedicated to contributing to a greener tomorrow in as many ways as possible.

Saye Socks Bamboo Knit Fiber Crew and An

Our mission begins with you.

"Together we will eliminate the negative ecological impact of our most essential articles of clothing."

Saye Socks Bamboo Knit Fiber Crew and An
Tropical Leaves

We believe

that by:

1. Exclusively Offering the mosts sustainably sourced, most responsible crafted products

2. Exploring unique and innovative materials that are less resource dependent than traditional hosiery textiles

3. Always offering the most affordable price anywhere on the internet

4. Packaging and shipping all of our products with USA made, 100% bio-degradable components


5. Planting one sapling, where it’s needed most, for each item ordered both on and via our Storefront

...that we can create the most sustainable approach to replacing your clothing essentials in this digital age.

Saye Socks Brand Knit Bamboo Fiber Ankle






This page is updated every twelve hours. The counter figure at the top indicates how many trees we have planted to date.


Your order’s impact will be reflected in our counter figure.


Follow up with us on our Facebook page @SayeSocks to find out where and what type of tree your order will plant.