Why Bamboo Fiber Underwear?

Wearing the highest quality underwear and supporting sustainable living.

What do these things have in common? They can be hard as heck to accomplish. We know, because we see customers every day who come to us looking to make a major upgrade to their daily wears while making a substantial, positive impact on our environment.

Saye Socks products are soft, breathable, easy to clean and maintain, and offer enhanced smell control. In short, they are the perfect socks for daily use! And we aren’t the only ones saying that.

A 2009 article published in the Journal of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management found numerous benefits to using bamboo fiber. It seems that, the academic community has long known of Bamboo’s bountiful benefits, specifically, that bamboo textile products are anti-bacterial in nature, biodegradable, and offer high moisture absorption capacity and softness.

Perhaps at this point you’re thinking to yourself, “are these socks really perfect for daily use, or are they just going to rip apart and be another annoying pair of sub-par socks destined for the trash heap?” Well, here are the facts! Bamboo fibers are stronger than cotton, stronger even than a bamboo cotton blend, so they will outlast your cotton socks.

Should the day ever come when you have to say goodbye to your Saye Socks, you can rest assured that made the right purchase as bamboo socks are biodegradable.

But what about comfort? Once again science backs up our claims that bamboo is naturally a soft and breathable fabric. Trust us when we say you won’t miss a step between Saye Socks and cotton socks when it comes to comfort. Bamboo fiber naturally wicks away moisture, so you don’t have to worry about swamp foot either. So you won’t see a difference, but will you smell the difference?

Yes. And by yes we me no. Let us start over. Bamboo fiber is naturally more absorbent than cotton, and as we noted above is naturally antimicrobial. So when we say you will smell a difference but you won’t we mean it, which is to say that you won’t smell your socks as much as cotton alternatives, and that is a welcome difference!

So, let’s say, perhaps, that your spouse’s hamper isn’t emptied as often as you like. Well, we can’t fix your spouse’s laundry habits, but we can make it so you won’t have to smell them as much. No need to go out and invest in products that offer smell control for the whole closet when you can get smell control from the ground up with Saye Socks’ enhanced moisture, bacteria and smell diffusing knit fabrics.

And when it does come time to throw those Saye Socks in the laundry, you’ll again find that bamboo beats cotton because it is so easy to clean and maintain! Whereas cotton socks may flatten out and lose their softness over continued washing, you won’t have to worry about that with Saye Socks’ bamboo socks and hosiery. Our thick bamboo socks are machine washable and quick-drying, so they will be ready to go again in no time, whether the occasion is casual or formal.

So whether you are heading into the office or out into the world, you can breathe easy knowing that Saye Socks have you covered with soft, durable, moisture-wicking, antimicrobial socks that are first and foremost comfortable. But that isn’t the only reason you’ll be breathing easy.

You can also breathe easy knowing you are comfortably doing your part for the planet. And while you may not think about the environmental impact of what is in your closet or your chest of drawers as much as say what is in your garage, fashion needs to become more sustainable. The World Bank found that, among other things:

● Every year the fashion industry uses 93 billion cubic meters of water — enough to meet the consumption needs of five million people.

● Of the total fiber input used for clothing, 87 % is incinerated or disposed of in a landfill.

● Every year a half a million tons of plastic microfibers are dumped into the ocean, the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles. The danger? Microfibers cannot be extracted from the water and they can spread throughout the food chain.

Yet bamboo uses less water than cotton, reducing the overall demand on a dwindling resource. Bamboo, as noted above, is also biodegradable, so we can due away with plastics spreading throughout the world’s oceans or taking up space in a landfill or atmosphere after incineration.

And on top of all of these benefits, Saye Socks will plant a tree with your order, further offsetting any carbon emissions that come from our products. So kick up your feet, and slip on some Saye Socks today!

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