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Today, the clothing and apparel industry is one of the most profitable industries on the world’s stage. Clothing stores across the United States are currently making between $23751 to $140935 each year, depending on several factors. This means that an average retail store would be making around 51,000 US dollars per annum!

Let’s talk about one of the most important wearables: SOCKS! Do you know that many socks are made from sheets of plastic yarn or crudely harvested animal hair? Too bad right? Saye Socks has a solution! This month Saye Socks has introduced the organic knit bamboo fiber ankle and crew Saye Socks! Exclusively available in the United States, Saye Socks’ knit bamboo fiber socks offer the perfect fit for both men’s and women’s feet!

Did you know:

The global fashion industry is valued at a crazy 2 trillion dollars as of today, and the only direction this number is going is upwards!

How wouldn’t it gain so much revenue?

After all, we all love following the latest trends in fashion and design. Often we buy new clothes for each great occasion, or exchange them each season. From the hats we wear on our heads, to the socks on our feet – we always want to be the most fashionable in the room. But can we really ignore the skeletons in our closets as we fill them with our most recent purchases and designer dresses?

Fast Fashion Is Slowly Killing Us All

The truth is, this flourishing clothing and apparel industry is slowly killing us all. Where we stand today, 10% of the world’s carbon footprint is a direct result of how things function in this industry. It is rapidly using up our freshwater reserves during a time where water conservation has never been so important.

Greenhouse gases during the production of various clothing items are among the biggest causes of global warming and climate change today.

But that is not all. In the clothing industry, polyester, nylon and many other plastic based, synthetic fabrics are relied heavily upon.

While the cost of production is lower, the waste and negative ecological impact is mountainous.

These particular types of fabrics are especially challenging to disintegrate, leaving them to clog landfills after being discarded.

While using up tons of precious, freshwater to manufacture these clothing items; the apparel industry also ends up polluting much of Earth’s reserves too.

Most clothing factories directly release their toxic waste into rivers and streams, making the water there unsafe for human use.

Plastic Microfibers have been identified as the largest, most urgent threat to our planet’s oceans to date.

Clothing Sector Stands 2nd, Right Below the Agriculture Sector

At present, the clothing industry stands second only to the agricultural sector when it comes to water pollution.

Another transgression that is quite common in the clothing and apparel industry is the violation of rights. Whether they are of humans or animals. Many animal species are brutally killed for their skin to make various fashion items. These species are driving to the brink of extinction because of these unethical practices. Many more are now listed as endangered by wildlife organizations such as WWF.

Similarly, there is little to no regard for human rights in the apparel industry. A lot of famous brands employ little children in an unsafe work environment to manufacture their products. Even worse, these workers in third world countries are working at low pay. And, they work for long hours without any break in between.

The clothing factories in countries such as Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan are inhumane. The workers undergo threats with their lives if they protest against these unethical practices. Moreover, they do not have a say; courtesy of ones sitting in powerful positions.

The socks available for purchase in your local box stores are responsible for allowing these practices to flourish. From irresponsibly made cotton, to human rights violations; America’s demand for convenience carries a devastatingly substantial impact on many different facets or our planet’s ecosystems and the life within.

The Apparel Industry May Be Harming Us And The Planet, But We Could Not Survive Without It Either

But what does this really mean? Should we all just give up shopping for new clothes? How would that work out for the human race?

Clothing ourselves with various articles allows us to express our identity safely. In addition to that, it is also an inherent need for all humans.

Unlike other primates, humans do not have a lot of body hair, fur, or feathers to protect themselves from extreme weather conditions. This is one of the most fundamental reasons why clothing was invented in the first place.

The right clothing can keep you warm in the winter, and shelter you from the blistering heat during the summer. It serves to protect your body from various elements and ensures safety and comfortability when you are out and about. If man had not learned to manipulate different fabrics into clothing items; we probably would not have survived to this day.

So, that’s for certain.

We surely cannot forsake the apparel industry altogether.

What options does that leave us?

The Answer Is Simple – Build A Sustainable Fashion Industry

A simple solution to this problem is to assure that our clothing is crafted from sustainably sourced materials. This is the biggest problem that the commercial apparel industry faces. In the previous two decades, there have been numerous attempts at making this notoriously harmful sector, a little more friendly towards the environment.

Today many brands are working towards improving the work practices at their production sites. In many places, the minimum wage is rising to a decent amount. Moreover, minimizing work hours is helping the workers to rest too. The workers can take reasonable breaks between those work hours; and minors are discouraged from working in especially dangerous settings.

In alignment with crafting products more responsibly, many brands are putting their sights on sustainability-focused textiles. These companies are also trying to make things better for the planet. Ahead of the, now aging, name brands, new waves of apparel vendors are rising in the market. This wave of champions are building their business’s foundations on more eco-friendly fabrics and manufacturing practices in the crafting of their items.

One of these new exciting startups is in North America. Known as Saye Socks, the company published their website storefront in early March of 2020. Their flagship line of ankle and crew socks for men and women are crafted from 100% Knit Bamboo Fiber Yarn. To find out more about why fabrics crafted from Bamboo are better for your body and our planet, click here.

What Is Bamboo Knit Fiber Yarn, and Why Do You Need To Know About It?

Bamboo knit fiber clothing is composed mostly of organically grown bamboo grasses. These grasses require roughly 70% less water and land to cultivate malleable fiber than cotton. Saye Socks are also one hundred percent vegan and safe to use for men and women of all ages. Bamboo knit fiber clothing is as much as 3 times better at wicking off moisture than the finest, most moisture absorbent cotton fabrics.

As bamboo is naturally antimicrobial, any clothing made of bamboo knit fiber offers added protection against fungal and microbial growth. Besides all the benefits to the environment, bamboo knit fiber clothing is also an excellent experience for the wearer. The softer then cashmere feel of this fiber allows you a luxurious experience; while being mindful of your own carbon footprint.

What Does Saye Socks Have For You?

Saye Socks is a sustainably focused clothing company dedicated to eliminating the negative ecological impacts of your clothing essentials. This small startup has since been playing its part in reducing the apparel industry’s annual carbon footprint. Saye Socks dreams for a greener tomorrow for their customers. They strive endlessly to make this world a better place to live for everybody.

Saye Socks produce your most intimate clothing essentials in a closed circuit, environmentally friendly way. The company manufactures 100% knit bamboo fiber socks and underwear for all of the USA. Besides being eco-conscious during the production process; they also use USA made 100% biodegradable mailers and packaging components. Creating a revolving trade that supports ecologically minded products from another industry in the process.

Shipping is free of charge within the fifty states of America, irrespective of the amount ordered.

Other than selling their products on their official website, Saye Socks also have an Amazon store. So that consumers around the nation can reach them as easily as possible. For each item that you buy from the website or the Amazon store, Saye Socks plant one sapling where its needed most, assuring it reaches maturity. As of yet, Saye Socks has planted 158 trees across America.

Saye Socks – General Product Features of the Bamboo Knit Socks

Soft and breathable

The signature bamboo knit fiber affords you a softer than cashmere feel that will have you wanting not to take your socks off the entire day. The fabric is breathable and well ventilated, keeping your feet healthy and comfortable. The natural moisture-wicking properties of the bamboo knit fiber saye socks keep you dry the entire time.

Perfect for daily use

These natural fiber socks are great to wear for a prolonged time period. Whether you are merely going to the office to sit behind a desk all day; or have an exciting yet sweaty baseball match scheduled today. These bamboo knit fiber saye socks are perfect for daily use. The lightweight socks allow you just the right amount of comfort for most activities.

Enhanced smell control

In addition to being breathable and well ventilated, other properties of these bamboo knit fiber saye socks also allow the feet to remain odor-free; Even after a long day of intense exercising. Being 3 times better at wicking moisture than the most beautiful cotton socks that you can find; these saye socks do not allow a buildup of sweat in your feet. Without the humid and sweaty environment, there is no bacterial growth in your feet’ crevices; that may lead to an unpleasant odor.

Easy to clean and maintain

Washing these bamboo knit fiber saye socks is truly a dream. Being more reliable and more durable than most cotton fibers, they can easily be washed with your usual laundry in the washing machine. These bamboo knit fiber socks maintain their shape and quality even after multiple rounds in the laundry. They are also quick to dry and anti-pilling to allow you to wear them soon again.

100% bamboo fiber yarn

The Saye Socks natural bamboo fibre yarn is composed of 85% Organic Bamboo Fiber (for unbeatable comfort), 10% Recycled Polyester (for structure), and 5% Elastane Mix (for fitted ankle). This is a perfect mix of quality raw materials for maximum comfort and durability.

The intelligent composition of the Saye Socks makes them wearable throughout the year in any weather conditions. They can be paired beautifully with a variety of formal and casual footwear. The classic colors of the bamboo knit fiber socks make them an instant hit with all outfit choices.

Currently, Saye Socks is offering its signature bamboo knit fiber socks in two styles. Let us look at these styles in a little more detail.

Bamboo Knit Ankle Cut Saye Socks

The Bamboo Knit Ankle Cut Socks for Men and Women by Saye Socks look great on anybody. Available in 4 different and attractive colors (blackest, cloud, ash and ocean), you can find a pair to wear with every outfit. They are available in a wide size range. From a US size 5 to 14+, you will have no trouble finding the right size for yourself. One pack of these is priced at $30.29 and contains a total of 16 socks. With each pack that you buy, you help Saye Socks plant one tree in an attempt for a greener tomorrow. There is no shipping fee for having these socks delivered at your doorstep.

Bamboo Knit Crew Cut Saye Socks

Saye Socks is now also offering their signature bamboo knit socks in a crew cut style. Just like the ankle cut style, these socks are also available in the 4 different colors and a wide size range. However, a pack of these is priced slightly higher at $33.99. This pack also contains 16 socks, and the purchase helps plant a sapling to save the planet. No shipping fee is charged for delivery anywhere in the United States.

Wrapping it up

For far too long, we have forsaken the planet to our whims of appearing the most fashionable crowd. We need to take responsibility for

our actions and hold the apparel industry accountable for every harm that they cause us.

We need to begin demanding ethical fashion practices from the biggest brands that rule the fashion clan. It is time that we started supporting the small ventures that are trying to break this vicious cycle. This is how we need to make a real difference in the world. It is high time that we switched from our unethically sourced cotton, nylon or polyester socks. Wearing Knit Bamboo Fiber Saye Socks reduces CO2 levels globally while conserving water, oil and your peace of mind.

If you want to learn more about bamboo fiber clothing, our socks or our sustainability efforts; head over to our learning center today!

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