Heal Your Heels and Our Planet | Knit Bamboo Socks

Saye Socks: Affordably Priced, Sustainably Sourced, Responsibly Crafted, Knit Bamboo Fiber Socks | Shipped Right to Your Doorstep!

Today, the clothing and apparel industry is one of the most profitable industries on the world’s stage. Clothing stores across the United States are currently making between $23751 to $140935 each year, depending on several factors. This means that an average retail store would be making around 51,000 US dollars per annum!

Let’s talk about one of the most important wearables: SOCKS! Do you know that many socks are made from sheets of plastic yarn or crudely harvested animal hair? Too bad right? Saye Socks has a solution! This month Saye Socks has introduced the organic knit bamboo fiber ankle and crew Saye Socks! Exclusively available in the United States, Saye Socks’ knit bamboo fiber socks offer the perfect fit for both men’s and women’s feet!

Did you know:

The global fashion industry is valued at a crazy 2 trillion dollars as of today, and the only direction this number is going is upwards!

How wouldn’t it gain so much revenue?

After all, we all love following the latest trends in fashion and design. Often we buy new clothes for each great occasion, or exchange them each season. From the hats we wear on our heads, to the socks on our feet – we always want to be the most fashionable in the room. But can we really ignore the skeletons in our closets as we fill them with our most recent purchases and designer dresses?

Fast Fashion Is Slowly Killing Us All

The truth is, this flourishing clothing and apparel industry is slowly killing us all. Where we stand today, 10% of the world’s carbon footprint is a direct result of how things function in this industry. It is rapidly using up our freshwater reserves during a time where water conservation has never been so important.