7 Reasons to Support Bamboo Clothing!

Cotton socks, shirts, pants, sheets, hats; why not bamboo?

You may already know that bamboo is the fastest growing grass on Earth. This fact alone should earn it a space at the forefront of discovering new, more sustainable resources. When cultivated, bamboo's fibrous, wood-like culm introduces countless opportunities to replace products that are typically made from plastic.

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You already know it grows fast, but exactly how fast?

Well, according to the Guinness World Records; some species grow fast enough to be perceived by the naked eye in one sitting. We're talking over 2ft A DAY with some species at certain times of the year. Beyond this fact, bamboo is unique in how it directs it's energy to grow. While most plants focus on stretching the original stem, once matured; bamboo focuses on invigorating its root system. This allows the plant to halt cane growth and nurture a root system to support more shoots!

Cultivation encourages even stronger growth!

When bamboo farmers harvest the grass, the plant does a unique thing. Instead of attempting to regain its lost height, bamboo grasses will instead sprout new leaves. This allows for energy to be directed towards the root system. The roots will then nurture the production of new shoots. This means that there is almost no need to explore manual replanting. The bamboo plant will continue to take care of itself, and even the soil that provides to it.

Shallow Root System = Sturdier Topsoil

Rarely reaching beyond 14 inches in depth, the roots of bamboo grasses reinforce the soil that supports them. With rhizomes only appearing in the initial six inches, the rest of root network works overtime to prevent soil erosion. This means that bamboo is cyclically providing back to the environment that is nurturing it. Beyond securing soil prone to degradation, bamboo also sequesters large quantities of excess carbon!

A properly managed bamboo forest can remove more excess carbon in Earth's atmosphere than trees!

Thanks to the incredibly fast growth rate of bamboo grasses, substantial carbon sequestering is possible. When intensively harvested, bamboo can sequester up to 1.78 tonnes of CO2 per clump per year! How rare is it to find a plant that rewards itself, the environment (and humans) when harvested? This fact translates into a CO2 drawdown curve that’s 10X faster than that of woody trees. Still wearing cotton socks? Explore our store by clicking here, step into a greener tomorrow by wearing our knit bamboo fiber Saye Socks.