Top 3 Reasons to Wear Bamboo Knit Fiber Socks in 2020

Every day, it seems as though new data is pointing consumers to focus on reducing their share of harmful, planet-polluting waste. People of every generation are starting to become aware of our overuse of fossil fuels and other natural resources.

This global awakening is causing major industries to change their means of creation in an effort to lower the carbon footprint of their products. Clothing manufactures have a notoriously reckless reputation surrounding their business’ practices.

But this trend is beginning to shift.

In fact, many clothing companies are now exploring unique and innovative ways to reduce the harmful impact that traditional textile and fabric production introduce to our environment. In short, things in the garment industry are rapidly changing to better accommodate a greener tomorrow!

In alignment with these changes, ecological alternatives to the fabrics we have grown accustomed to wearing are now surfacing. Fabrics like those that are spun from the fiber of bamboo grass for example, are destined to abolish the articles in your wardrobe that are spun from plastic.

Textiles like polyester, nylon and rayon will find themselves destined for the recycling bin; as tomorrows clothing will be designed to biodegrade, unassisted by any synthetic process.

Below, you'll find our top three reasons to introduce bamboo fiber socks and underwear to your wardrobe today.

Powerfully Insulating | Supremely Absorbent

When knit together, fibers yielded from bamboo grasses are even better at insulating your extremities than even the finest cotton. The mystical nature of Saye Socks’ bamboo knit fiber socks for instance, transcend the needs of those prone to experiencing the extremes of any season.

By successfully regulating the moisture existing on one’s foot, knit bamboo fiber socks can effectively negate any flux in the temperature of our feet. These amazing properties are a result of Saye Socks’ bamboo knit cloth being four times more absorbent than traditionally crafted cotton.